The Cost of a Cure: $80,000

The Financial Page of the New Yorker recently featured a new Hepatitis-C drug developed by Gilead. The new drug can cure 90% of patients in three to six months.
“There’s just one catch: a single dose of the drug costs a thousand dollars, which means that a full, twelve-week course of treatment comes to more than eighty grand.”

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Debit and Credit Review

Initially debits and credits are a difficult concept to grasp. If you look at the expanded accounting equation in reference note 001 you should quickly draw the conclusion that debit = left and credit = right.
This quote (from a book: see figure 1) is helpful because it quickly applies the concept to cash. And cash is king.
If the concept feels abstract at first that’s because it is. This concept simply takes time to digest (mentally, don’t eat it).

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