I just wanted to say I love your course ASimpleModel. I used it all throughout my senior year in college and even prior to starting my new role in the PE space. Can't imagine the amount of time I saved to hit the ground running when I started my role. The content was one of the most clear structures to learn out there, thanks for making it affordable and easily accessible. 
 I still recommend [ASimpleModel.com] to every young aspiring undergraduate I chat with in various Discord communities. It's really a great program - god knows I wouldn't have broken into banking without it 🤣 
 Hey Peter - I did my MBA at Wharton a few years after you graduated, and I just wanted to say that ASM is incredible. By making common PE structures and models so accessible and easy to understand, you're doing (in my opinion) a great service in reducing barriers to entering the industry and thus helping to distribute power and resources. Thanks for your awesome and affordable content! 
 I continue to subscribe to this site, not for my own technical skills, but because (1) this site is so good that I believe it deserves the support and (2) I find this a great resource for me to teach someone more junior in my field how to build effective models. The creator of this site explains things so clearly and helpfully, that I have learned from him how to be a better teacher. 
 The [ASimpleModel.com] platform is absolutely amazing. I am starting at L Catterton after Wharton and this has been the most helpful training for me. 
 I'd just like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with students such as myself. I can't begin to tell you how valuable this material has been for school, work, and prepping for interviews, and best of all it costs a fraction of the market price -- so sincerely thank you. 
 As an IB analyst looking to improve my LBO modeling, I've found your site to be more concise and understandable than any of the larger, more expensive providers I've had experience with. I will definitely recommend A Simple Model to anyone looking to learn or improve their modeling. 
 Absolutely loved the content on A Simple Model. I found it to be very lucidly explained, which helped me revise the basic modelling skills at a great pace. The drawings and quotes were the cherry on top! 
 Just wanted to say thank you! I ran through the Intro to Financial Statements, Integrating Financial Statements, and LBO modules in a week and went from never having read a balance sheet to passing my (first round) model test with KKR. Amazing site! 
 A big thank you for making financial modeling easy to learn and affordable. I recently landed a FT position with a boutique bank after completing a three hour modeling test. Your systematic approach to disassembling the puzzle through simple and lucid instruction was akin to building a burrito at Chipotle. 
 The two parts I'm most jazzed about [with ASM] are the tie-in between the three financial statements, and the clear communication of what is easily understandable but often obfuscated by complicated terms. Hence why I think [ASM] could be so empowering for nonprofits and their constituents. 
 I just want to say one big THANK YOU for creating A Simple Model. I have been using the website for a week and I can honestly say that it is the most straight-forward and accessible way to study financial modelling. Great job! 
 I really cannot thank you enough for what your site has done for me. Though some of the models on ASM have reached a higher level than simple -- this site is unparalleled. There are always nuances to include and it is great to build a base and then add on from there. Other sites don't do that. 
 Thanks for creating an easy to follow educational resource. A Simple Model is a brilliant idea, much needed and well presented. Thanks! 
 ASM is a must for anyone new to financial modeling. It's simple to use and learn from yet also adept at capturing complexity and advanced topics elegantly. A great resource for even the experienced financial modeler looking to refresh tired concepts and techniques or just in need of filling in some blanks in knowledge base. 
 I'm an amateur investor that wants to better understand accounting and the valuation models that analysts use. ... These video sessions are wonderfully paced and easily grasped. They make something seemingly so difficult very digestible. They also leave me with working models which allow me to practice with. 
 My job requires me to understand financial models, but not build them - so it has been years since I had to create one. In order to freshen up skills I learned in business school I use your website, which is as good as any of the premium financial modeling self-study products that sell for $300-$500. 
 A good place to find a simple financial model when you need one or to learn modelling. 
 Having had several Accounting courses, initially it seemed odd viewing an entire model in one Excel spreadsheet. It seemed like too much information in one place or on one page and it made me a little uncomfortable, but by the end of the 2nd section I found this to be the most efficient manner that I’ve ever been taught Accounting. 
 ASimpleModel is a wonderful companion resource for the MBA-level elective courses that I teach. The site makes financial modeling approachable without sacrificing any of the rigor necessary for advanced modeling and analysis. I recommend the resource for anyone looking to build an expertise in financial analysis. 
 Love your site, we are using it in our spreadsheet-based business models class with my MBA program. 
 I LOVE the website. For the year-end project, I am going to use [ASimpleModel] focusing on Integrating Financial Statements. I have 85 students this semester, should be interesting. 
 I have indeed found the platform quite useful, and I think it is a nice complement to accounting and/or Excel courses. 
 Thank you for creating this fantastic site, the information is invaluable. 
 I have been using your website to sharpen my skills. I have not worked on modeling since I was an analyst a few years back, and [ASimpleModel] has really helped me. It really is simple. Thanks for putting it together. 
 I am Zeke. I happen to chance upon your post on Reddit about your website. It’s simply amazing. You have shortened my learning time (modelling) by almost half. 
 A Simple Model is incredible. Best resource I've come across on this subject. 
 I found the website (ASimpleModel) a few months ago and it has been an incredible resource. I'm starting to get ready for investment banking interviews in the fall and its helped me greatly in reviewing and conceptualizing valuation methodologies and how financial statements flow together. 
 I wish I had this site in my intro to finance (class) when I was a freshman. I also shared (ASimpleModel.com) with some of our biz dev reps to sharpen their skills. 
 If you go through this and can build a model without help you'll be on par with the summer intern training at a bulge bracket investment bank. 
 I wanted to let you know that I have really appreciated A Simple Model. As I have been trying to grow my business, without a CFO, I have really had to understand basic finance at a deeper level. It has been really helpful to watch your videos as they are clearly laid out and explained. 
 I finished your course of simple financial modelling and regularly visit your site to learn and make my valuation models better. Thank you so much for making it available for curious students like me. 
 Hi, I would like to thank you for this website, it has really helped me through my intro to accounting class. I really appreciate the notes (a lot better than the ones that my university course gives out). Thank you again! 
 Thought I would let you know that I borrowed your articulation of the circularity in integrated financial statements from ASimpleModel.com in an interview today, and my/your explanation was highly acclaimed. My only interview preparation was reviewing your videos. 
 I'm enjoying "A Simple Model". Thanks for this great resource! 
 THIS...THIS...THIS...is gooood!  
 On another note, I'd just like to say that from what I've seen on the Web, your site is by far the clearest and most detailed resource for learning financial modeling. I think you've done a great job with it, and I'll certainly be using it this summer to get a head start on my third year of university starting in the fall. 
 Your website is a great initiative, and it’s been very helpful for me as I am trying to learn basic modelling to improve at my current job, and also to get more experience in investments in general. 
 A colleague showed me [the website] . . . and I was very, very impressed. 
 Dude, this modeling web video of yours is damn good. 
 Again really can’t express how wonderful A Simple Model is – very helpful for us internally to help train those inexperienced with modeling. 
 Had some time to go through your website – good stuff. Where did you find the robot to dictate the lesson?