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  • Private Equity Training & Process Course.
  • LBO Case Study Solution Course.

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Private Equity Training

Created by
Industry Professionals

The “How-to-Buy-a-Business” Course

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Private Equity Training


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Learn to Build Financial Models

The self-study financial modeling curriculum is focused on the three primary financial statements and the three types of financial models that collectively provide a strong foundation for an aspiring financial analyst. If you are new to financial modeling and Microsoft Excel, there is a video series available to get you up to speed as quickly as possible.

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Private Equity Training

The Private Equity Training course at ASimpleModel.com was developed by industry professionals. The content goes beyond the LBO model to explain how private equity professionals source, structure and close transactions.

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LBO Case Study Solution

In this course, we are going to work through an LBO Case Study. This case study was created entirely by private equity industry professionals as part of a content creation initiative with Katten, an innovative law firm with 600+ lawyers. The objective of this case study solution will be to demonstrate how a transaction might be modeled on a live deal, complete with a step-by-step walk through of the model building process.

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Why is financial literacy important?

Financial modeling does not take place exclusively in Excel. It is a unique skill that hones the ability to make complex financial matters simple by identifying what is actually important.

The skill set can help you visualize the variables that create or consume cash in a company, or help you decide between investment opportunities. You may never build a discounted cash flow model in your life, but understanding how money loses value over time will help you create value in the long run.