ASM recommends getting started with the Introduction to Financial Statements, and then progressing to the Integrated Financial Statement Model video series, which is focused on the three statement model. Build a strong foundation with these two series before moving on to more advanced content. If you are new to Microsoft Excel, there is a video series available to get you up to speed as quickly as possible.

The financial statements are introduced in the context of building a financial model. The objective is not simply to explain what they are, but to demonstrate how they link to each other.

This is possibly the most valuable process you can learn as an aspiring financial analyst. It is the foundation upon which all thorough analysis is built. 

Building a DCF model introduces some of the most critical aspects of finance including the time value of money, risk and cost of capital.

The LBO model is often viewed as extraordinarily complex, but it shouldn’t be. This series will demonstrate that an LBO model is simply a three statement model adjusted to reflect a transaction.

A live entrepreneurial experiment showcasing the business model behind We published results until the website turned cash flow positive in July of 2017.

If you are new to Microsoft Excel, this course offers a video series titled Excel for Models that will get you up to speed as quickly as possible.