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Honda's Accidental U.S. Success

In the 1960s the U.S. motorcycle market was dominated by a small number of companies including Harley-Davidson and Triumph. To penet...

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The Price of Lab Made Diamonds

Diamond Price Discount: Lab-Made Diamond vs Natural Diamond
  • 2016: 1-carat lab diamond 17% discount
  • 2023: 1-...

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Why Startups Succeed

93% of all startups have to abandon their original strategy to become successful. This means that successful companies don't succ...

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Apple's iMessage Moat

Apple isn't the first tech company to develop a desirable chat tool. I recall how indispensable I once found AOL Instant Messenger, ...

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Apple Stands Alone as a Luxury Brand

In his book The Four, author Scott Galloway wrote that compared to Facebook, Amazon, and Google, Apple stood "alone as a luxu...

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Equity Incentives to Reduce Turnover

Options and other similar compensation instruments also have a role to play well beyond the initial transaction; in addition to bein...

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Porsche CEO Record Compensation

Back in the early 1990s, when former CEO Wendelin Wiedeking joined the company, Porsche was a struggling brand that was bleeding mon...

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