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Otter Child Care: Pandemic Success Story

In the midst of the pandemic, Helen Mayer had a brilliant idea. What if stay-at-home parents watched the children of parents who had...

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Peak VC - $500B From Outside VC Funds

More money than ever is pouring into VC. At the end of 06/22, VC funds had a record $290B of dry powder, which represents a $100B in...

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Residential Brokerage Compass' "Technology Promise"

The Vision Fund's $370 million investment in Compass valued the residential brokerage firm at $6.4 billion in the summer of 2019. Th...

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Airbnb Gets Investors Attention with Cereal Boxes

Airbnb Inc. has one of the most unusual startup marketing strategies that separated it from the 600,000 small businesses established...

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Dead Deal Expense Can be Costly to Companies

An article in the WSJ cited several anecdotes where startups had funding offers pulled after a Letter of Intent (LOI) had been negot...

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Startups Respond to Lack of Funding during Crisis

In 2019 investors poured $136 billion into U.S. startups. Many of which were chasing revenue with little regard for profit. The ment...

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Harry's Acquisition Abandoned

Edgewell Personal Care Co., the maker of Schick razors, has elected not to fight the FTC lawsuit banning the proposed acquisition of...

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