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PE Portfolio Company Balance Sheets & Recession Concerns

At the conclusion of 2021 private equity controlled assets including dry powder valued at $2.6 trillion. Pitchbook reports that for ...

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Crisis Raises Concerns Surrounding Supply-Chain Financing

Supply-chain financing does not appear on a companies balance sheet except as trade debt or accounts payable, which can make it diff...

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The Corona Clause

An article in the FT reports that private-equity backed packaging manufacturer Pacur recently executed a loan document with a novel ...

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Recession Will Come (Eventually)

An article in The Economist stating that a recession will come (eventually) offers some interesting insights and metrics.

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Risk of Corporate Debt Fire Sale?

The Bank for International Settlements continues to sound the alarm surrounding corporate debt. Per an article in the FT, "mutual fu...

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Private Equity Making Direct Loans

New players are increasingly emerging to fund loans that do not meet banks' strict criteria. An article in the WSJ cites nonbank com...

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How local newspapers impact municipal bond markets.

A new study finds that health of local newspapers can have a significant impact on a local governments ability to access capital. As...

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