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Advent International: Lessons Learned from the Last Recession

The WSJ recently interviewed senior leadership at Advent International, a Boston-based private equity firm looking to deploy $30 bil...

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S&P 500 Percent Decline

J.P. Morgan came up with a quick back-of-the envelope calculation for the probability of a recession, and determined that as of Marc...

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Twin Drags on the Economy: Long Term Interest Rates & Oil Prices

A recent article in Barron's provided a quick calculation for the probability of a recession citing MacroMavens commentator Stephani...

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PE Operating Teams Matter During Recession (Little Support Otherwise)

A report by McKinsey & Company states that private equity firms with dedicated value-creation teams (teams that work on the comp...

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EY Study: Private Equity More Aggressive this Recession

Private equity funds will not waste another opportunity to invested attractive multiples of depressed earnings. Investment perfor...

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Private Equity: Be Ready to Pounce in a Recession

In Bain & Company's 2019 edition of its Global Private Equity Report, the company argues that the private equity firms that will...

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Private Equity Investing Post Coronavirus

An article posted by Bain & Company addressed a few issues unique to this downturn as it relates to investment strategy. But wit...

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