• 09/08/2021
    How to Get a Post-MBA Job in Private Equity

    This interview is focused on getting a post-MBA or "partner track" job in private equity. My guest, Brett Lacher, has secured private equity jobs at the associate, senior associate and VP level. He also taught a course on the subject at Columbia University where he earned his MBA. 

    While the interview is focused on private equity, the advice Brett provides is useful in any competitive industry. In any process where the compensation offered is extremely attractive, you have to develop your own process to get in front of the individuals making hiring decisions. It may sound like a lot of work, but if you don't put in the time, it will limit your odds of success. 

    Fortunately, the process required to land a more senior private equity role is unique in that it closely resembles aspects of the job itself, in particular as it relates to sourcing investment opportunities and convincing sellers to work with you. It's likely that the network you build to land a job will be useful to you for years to come. Please click on the video below to learn more. 


    03:05 Interview Objective
    03:40 Unique Parallel Between the Job and the Process
    05:30 Types of Private Equity
    06:20 The Right Fit (and Getting Comfortable Hearing "No")
    07:22 How the Skill Set Evolves from Analyst to Partner
    09:03 Partner Track Hire
    10:56 Building the Model is the Base Requirement
    13:10 Personal Preparation
    16:44 Develop a Network of Private Equity Firms
    18:25 Match Personal History with Fund Type
    20:52 Cold vs Warm Emails and Introductions
    24:15 How to Follow Up
    25:25 200 Conversations to Get the Job
    26:20 Email Tip: Google Snooze
    26:41 Persistence Pays Off ("I never respond to the first email.")
    27:50 The Private Equity Coffee Chat
    29:50 Start 6 Months to One Year in Advance
    30:28 One Pager
    32:33 Actual Interview Preparation
    33:51 The Value of Taking Notes
    34:40 Turn an Interview Into Dialogue
    35:18 Post-MBA Interview Format
    39:53 Develop Questions for Each Interview
    42:07 Interview Tips
    45:41 Never Know When You Are Being Evaluated
    46:30 Send a Thank You Note
    47:38 Follow Up (The Same Way PE Professionals Follow Up on Deals)
    51:53 Prime Your Mind
    52:26 Know When to Take a Break and Rest
    53:11 People Work VERY Hard to Get the Job
    54:38 Post Job Offer
    58:34 Leverage Offers to Get Offers
    1:00:51 What to Do Once You Have an Offer
    1:04:00 Dealing with Recruiters
    1:05:52 Q&A