Microsoft Excel for Financial Models

If you are new to Microsoft Excel, this course offers a video series titled Excel for Models that will get you up to speed as quickly as possible.

001 Aug 18, 2020 Financial Models with Microsoft Excel

This video introduces a video series that covers Excel for financial models with the objective of getting a beginner up to speed as expeditiously as possible.

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002 Aug 11, 2015 Vocabulary & Formatting

This video provides a brief overview of the Excel screen, and then jumps right into formatting cells for financial models. It is a bit of a leap from vocabulary to formatting, but the videos that follow will tie it together.

Get Started » 003 Jul 13, 2015 Formatting & Formulas

This video walks through the process of building a very simple template with a focus on the relationship between formulas and inputs. To highlight formatting techniques and short cuts there is no mention of financial vocabulary.

Get Started » 004 Feb 23, 2016 Navigation

A brief overview of the keyboard shortcuts that make moving around an Excel workbook much more efficient.

Get Started » 005 Oct 24, 2016 Minimum Requirements

A short video summarizing the basic prerequisites to get started building simple models. In this video two additional functions are introduced.

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006 Nov 04, 2016 Pasting Shortcuts

Pasting shortcuts (in particular “Paste Special”) will save you a lot of time building financial models. This video and the associated notes will expose you to more than 20 related shortcuts.

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007 Sep 12, 2016 Five Habits to Avoid

An early introduction to prevent the development of poor model-building habits.

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008 Oct 12, 2016 Essential Date Functions

Excel has many date functions. In this video we will focus only on what is essential for financial models. While other functions exist, most financial models will require nothing more than what is presented here.

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009 Nov 26, 2016 VLOOKUP() & HLOOKUP()

This video demonstrates how to use the VLOOKUP() and HLOOKUP() functions, and provides examples of how these functions can be incredibly useful in building financial models. The instruction also covers common errors to avoid when using these two functions.

Get Started » 010 Nov 26, 2016 INDEX() + MATCH()

This video expands upon the previous video with a more flexible "lookup" formula. 

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011 Sep 08, 2020 Transpose Data with =XLOOKUP()

Learn how to use =XLOOKUP() to transpose data from one column to multiple rows by line item and time period.

Get Started » 012 Feb 15, 2017 Ctrl + F = Time-Saving Shortcut

A short video demonstrating how Ctrl + F can save a tremendous amount of time and effort building financial models.

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