Discounted Cash Flow Model

Building a DCF model introduces some of the most critical aspects of finance including the time value of money, risk and cost of capital.

001 Aug 05, 2013 Basic Discounted Cash Flow Model

This video introduces the discounted cash flow (DCF) model. The model is very basic, but provides a platform to introduce the components.

Get Started » 002 Aug 12, 2013 Net Present Value

This video provides a concise introduction to net present value ("NPV"). NPV is an important theme in DCF analysis.

Get Started » 003 Nov 12, 2012 Weighted Average Cost of Capital

The weighted average cost of capital ("WACC") is used to determine a company's cost of capital. This video introduces the subject and demonstrates how to calculate WACC in a financial model.

Get Started » 004 Jun 12, 2014 Discounted Cash Flow Model

This video walks through a more thorough discounted cash flow ("DCF") model. In this video we will use an integrated financial statement model to perform a DCF analysis of a company.

Get Started » 005 Jun 18, 2017 Mid-Year Convention

 This video explains the mid-year convention in a discounted cash flow model.

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