LBO Case Study Feedback

We are in the process of developing a LBO case study for the Leveraged Buyout Model video series as a test for the content in that series. This is currently a work in process, but you can download the write up and the Excel file at the bottom of this post.


As part of the process I have been attempting to think through what I would like an analyst to know if they were supporting me at my place of work. From my perspective, an understanding of how a transaction comes together and the legal documents required to guide the process is incredibly valuable. For this reason the case study asks the student or candidate to assume the role of an independent sponsor and use examples of senior and subordinated lender terms sheets as well as a letter of intent to pull the data required to build the financial model.


I thought I would post this now, as a work in progress, to ask the ASM community for any additional suggestions before this goes live as part of the video series. If you have any suggestions for additional content or questions as it relates to this case study specifically please reach out through the contact page. I would welcome any feedback.


Download: LBO Case Study
Download: Excel File


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