How to Build a Three Statement Model (Update)

I recorded the first video for this website in 2013 with a $27 microphone I purchased at Best Buy. Since that time, the technology and software used at ASM has improved significantly, and I thought it was time to update the original recording. 
In addition to improved audio and video quality, the two videos that replace the original benefit from years of questions submitted by ASM visitors and subscribers.
I have included Part I of the new recording and the original file in this post to provide an easy comparison. Both of the new videos are presently available free of charge in the video series titled Integrating Financial Statements, and regardless of whether or not the new videos are ever put behind the paywall, the original will remain free at all times.
New Recording: Building a Three Statement Model (Part I of II)

Original Recording (recorded in 2013): Integrating Financial Statements