LVMH's Remarkable Response to the Coronavirus

An article in the Financial Times reports that LVMH estimates it will deliver 12 tonnes of hand sanitizing gel to 39 hospitals in Paris. Most impressive is that the conglomerate organized this effort within 72 hours of the French government’s request for help from the private sector. As for how LVMH managed to respond so quickly, the article elaborates:

  • LVMH is family-owned with one primary decision maker, Bernard Arnault. Arnault is known for his decisiveness.
  • Cosmetics manufacturing shares many similarities pharmaceuticals making it easier to repurpose equipment.
  • “France turns out to be a pretty small place.” The fact that the political and business elite cluster in the same places can be a benefit in times of crisis.

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Source: Leila Abboud | "Inside the factory: how LVMH met France’s call for hand sanitiser in 72 hours" | The Financial Times | 03/19/2020 | Visit