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Variables Overlooked with Multiples

In a terrific paper focused on value creation, authors Michael Mauboussin and Dan Callahan explain what is overlooked when multiples...

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EBITDA multiple valuation

WeWork's Valuation Analyzed

In July of 2018, the FT punched back at WeWork's valuation. CEO and cofounder Adam Neumann crafted a fantastic narrative to support ...

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adjusted EBITDA valuation

Biotech Company, Endocyte, Earns 175x Return on Investment

Endocyte will be acquired by Novartis for $2.1 billion in cash. The deal, motivated by Novartis' desire to acquire Endocyte's prostr...

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incredible investments valuation

Versace: A $2.1 BN Price Tag for $17.5 MN of Profits

An article in the WSJ highlighted several metrics and recent transactions suggesting the top is near:
"Then there’s Mic...

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