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US Stock Market Bigger But More Concentrated

The number of publicly listed U.S. companies has seen a dramatic decline:
"There are only 3,500, down from a peak of...

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Private Equity Making Direct Loans

New players are increasingly emerging to fund loans that do not meet banks' strict criteria. An article in the WSJ cites nonbank com...

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Banks Find Indirect Paths to Fund Private Equity

There is a growing argument that the reason there isn't greater concern surrounding the ramp in private equity is that the perceived...

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Private Equity Looks to Healthcare

With increasingly larger transactions announced in healthcare, an article in The Economist recently highlighted the attractive chara...

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Investment Banks Monitor 5,500 Private-Equity Holdings

An article in The Economist provided two data points highlighting changes to the private equity landscape. As the industry continues...

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Private Equity Funds from 1980 to 2015

Private equity continues to evolve, and as the number of PE firms appears to continue to grow, I thought this quote from the Economi...

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Software Buyouts Outperform

I was surprised to see the degree to which software buyouts appeared to outperform. There appeared to be an advantage in both the lo...

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