ASM is Free for University Professors

The ASM platform is available free of charge for professors that would like to introduce students to financial modeling. With a “professor” account the entire class can be uploaded at no expense to the student or university. It also permits tracking the students’ progress as they work through the associated quizzes.

If you are a university professor interested in providing access to your students please click on this link: Professor Signup Form. Once this form has been completed, ASM will authorize the account providing access to the platform. To grant access to the class a professor or teaching assistant can upload a list of student email addresses to the platform. This process will send automated emails to each student with their login credentials.

On December 31st of each year the student accounts active at the time will lose access to premium content and the quizzing dashboard. To reactivate these accounts or add new accounts simply upload a new spreadsheet of student names and email addresses per the instructions on the professor dashboard (visible once a professor logs in). If the accounts are not reactivated the students will still have the ability to transfer to a regular account with all of their information intact should they choose to do so.

To avoid any confusion, automated emails will be sent to both the professor and each of the students to explain the process at the conclusion of the year.

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