Financial Modeling Test offers a variety of financial modeling quizzes and tests for subscribers. The tests primarily cover the topics that follow:

  1. Three Primary Financial Statements
  2. Three-Statement Model
  3. Discounted Cash Flow Model
  4. Leveraged Buyout Model

The objective in designing the quizzing dashboard was to encourage subscribers to use quizzes as a way to gauge performance before moving on to the exams. 

The platform was designed for frequent low-stakes testing because studies demonstrate that the act of retrieving knowledge accelerates the learning process. The outcome of one such study is captured by the still image included below (the full video is available at the conclusion of this post).

To help students get comfortable taking the quizzes, the quizzing dashboard permits an unlimited number of attempts, and it will also provide correct answers for any mistakes made (quizzing dashboard pictured below).

Once a student has grown comfortable with this approach they can move on to the Master Exams. These exams are longer than the quizzes and permit only one attempt per month to encourage preparation. Once completed, the Master Exam scores appear on the subscriber’s profile (see image below).

For additional comfort, a subscriber can decide when to share exam scores with the “Make ASM Tests Public” toggle highlighted in the image above.

Ultimately, the challenge is that testing accelerates the learning process, but most people dislike tests on account of the stress or anxiety experienced taking one. We believe we have solved for this challenge with the combination of quizzes and master exams to create a more comfortable learning environment. Please see the video that follows for more information.