Business Development

A live entrepreneurial experiment showcasing the business model behind We published results until the website turned cash flow positive in July of 2017.

001 Mar 16, 2016 ASM: First Attempt at Start-Up Model

This video walks through my first two attempts to build a startup model for They are examples of what NOT to do. That said, I think it is important to understand the differences. Over the last three years I have experienced first hand how different a startup is from an operating company, and I think it is valuable knowledge worth sharing. This video series will attempt to provide that experience without the time and pain associated with getting a startup off the ground.

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002 Oct 16, 2016 ASM: First Start-Up Model

This video walks through the first useful financial model I built for The template tracks all expenses from June of 2012 through December of 2015: 43 months of data in total. It does not introduce a revenue model. The latter will be included in a future video. (Template available for download.)

Get Started » 003 Apr 05, 2016 ASM: Building Website Traffic

This video explores the process of driving traffic to your website. There is no financial model associated with the video. The purpose is to explain how ASM came to attract a following online, and describe some of the resources used to achieve that goal.

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004 Apr 05, 2016 ASM: First Revenue Model

This video uses historical data to project expenses, and incorporates the revenue model. The monthly projection extends two years, but the focus is primarily on the first year (2016). In this video you will see the costs associated with maintaining the website, and three revenue scenarios. The objective, of course, is to have revenue grow and eventually cover expenses. (Financial model available for download.)

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005 Jul 21, 2016 ASM: Template Updates

In this video the startup template we have been working on is updated with a formula better suited for the organization of ASM expense data. Where we previously used =INDEX and =MATCH to pull data, in this template =SUMIF proves to be an ideal solution. Presentation is also improved by the addition of a title page with hyperlinks to corresponding worksheets. (Template available for download.)

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006 Jun 14, 2016 ASM: First Two Months of Revenue

In this video we use two months of revenue data to start working towards building a business dashboard.

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007 Sep 09, 2016 ASM: Business Dashboard

First business dashboard: In this video a business dashboard covering sales momentum, sales mix, expenses by category and dollars invested to date is presented on a single sheet. The video demonstrates how easy it is to update this information now that we have a template. The Excel file is available for download as well.

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008 Nov 05, 2016 ASM: Updating the Dashboard

In this video we will walk through the process of updating the business dashboard to demonstrate how effortless this process can become if the template is built correctly.

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009 Mar 16, 2017 ASM: New Year New Dashboard

In this installment of the Business Development series we introduce a new dashboard that can accommodate multiple years of data with better visual representations of that data.

Get Started » 010 Feb 27, 2018 ASM: 2017 Annual Report

ASM 2017 Annual Report: This video highlights the progress achieved and new features added in 2017.

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 2018 Annual Report. A short video with one exciting announcement.

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