LBO Model: The Projected Period

Projecting an LBO model requires both a strong Excel skill set and an investor mindset. In addition to the mechanics of an LBO model, this course will dive deeper into the analysis required to make sound assumptions surrounding inputs and drivers.

001 Apr 21, 2021 LBO Model: The Income Statement
This lesson will cover the income statement in an LBO model.
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002 Apr 21, 2021 LBO Model: The Balance Sheet
This lesson will focus on projecting the balance sheet in an LBO model. The lesson provides commentary on working capital, working capital assumptions and the property, plant and equipment schedule.
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003 Apr 21, 2021 LBO Model: The Cash Flow Statement
This course will focus on projecting the cash flow statement. The notes detail why "cash is king" with several entertaining examples.
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004 Apr 21, 2021 The Cash Flow Sweep
In this lesson you will learn how to build a debt schedule with a cash flow sweep calculation.
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