001 Apr 19, 2021 Advanced Due Diligence

This lesson covers advanced due diligence for a private equity transaction.

Get Started » 002 Nov 20, 2020 Legal Due Diligence

Legal due diligence is largely comprised of “confirmatory” due diligence. In this lesson we will explore this area of due diligence. The workbook available for download provides a list of questions and data requests that can be helpful in this process.

Get Started » 003 Nov 11, 2020 Working Capital Adjustment Intro

In this lesson the significance of the working capital adjustment in a purchase agreement is explained with a narrative. To provide context, the video assumes that the viewer is an entrepreneur that is selling the business they founded. 

Get Started » 004 Oct 24, 2020 Working Capital Adjustment Process

In the previous lesson the working capital adjustment was explained in the context of an acquisition. In this lesson we will dive a little deeper into the calculation required by this adjustment and the documents that are exchanged in the process.

Get Started » 005 Nov 21, 2020 Lender Engagement

This lesson describes the process of successfully engaging lenders to fund and close a control private equity investment.

Get Started » 006 Dec 15, 2020 Senior Debt: Summary of Terms

This lesson walks through a senior lender term sheet and addresses a few additional items to be aware of as the private equity firm evaluates capital structure.

Get Started » 007 Nov 20, 2020 Stock vs Asset Purchase

One of the most fundamental decisions in a deal process is whether to structure the transaction as a stock or asset purchase. This lesson will explore the pros and cons of both options.

Get Started » 008 Oct 17, 2020 Deferred Closing vs Sign and Close

As it relates to the purchase agreement there are two potential approaches: (1) a simultaneous sign and close, and (2) a deferred closing. In this lesson you will learn why it is sometimes practical to pursue a deferred closing even though it can make negotiation more difficult.

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