Private Equity Due Diligence

This course will discuss preliminary due diligence for a target company. More advanced due diligence will be addressed in the course titled "Closing the Transaction."

001 Oct 05, 2020 Preliminary Due Diligence

This lesson provides an introduction to private equity due diligence. The associated workbook provides an Excel template that outlines the deal process and two due diligence lists.

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002 Oct 05, 2020 Industry Due Diligence

This lesson uses a real-world example to highlight the resources private equity firms rely on when they are attempting to evaluate new investment opportunities.

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003 Oct 25, 2020 Working with Third Parties

As the likelihood of closing a transaction increases, so will the number of individuals working towards a close. A small investment team comprised of 5 to 10 individuals might expand 10-fold if all individuals with engaged third parties and sources of capital are included. In this lesson we will explore the roles played by third parties in due diligence. 

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