Introduction to Private Equity

This series will introduce private equity by first exploring the industry, and then explaining how both an independent sponsor and private equity fund operate. 

001 Sep 03, 2020 Private Equity: Too Big to Ignore

A description of the private equity industry and how it has scaled. The lesson will focus on the industry at a macro level, and it will also explain why the industry is becoming increasingly relevant to everyone.

Get Started » 002 Sep 03, 2020 How Private Equity Works

This lesson explains the focus of this series, and begins to explain how private equity works by introducing various types of particpants that engage in leveraged buyouts.

Get Started » 003 Sep 03, 2020 Independent Sponsor Introduction

 An introduction to the independent sponsor in private equity.

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004 Sep 15, 2020 Private Equity Fund Structure

This lesson describes private equity fund structure and starts to explore how private equity fund managers are compensated.

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