The Private Equity Training course at was developed by industry professionals. The content below goes beyond the LBO model to explain how private equity professionals source, structure and close transactions. If you are looking for an introduction to LBO modeling please click here.

This series will introduce private equity by first exploring the industry, and then explaining how both an independent sponsor and private equity fund operate. 

This series is focused on how private equity firms source attractive investment opportunities.

This course will discuss preliminary due diligence for a target company. More advanced due diligence will be addressed in the course titled "Closing the Transaction."

In this course you will learn how a private equity firm secures an "exclusivity period" to evaluate an investment opportunity. This is done by executing a letter of intent, but before the letter of intent is signed the private equity firm must compete with all potential bidders. 

This series is focused on the letter of intent (LOI) in a private equity transaction. This document helps serve as a guide for the documentation required to consummate the transaction (the “definitive agreements”).

Once a private equity investment has been secured under letter of intent, the private equity firm is granted an exclusivity period to close the transaction. This starts the clock and provides a deadline for the work required to complete due diligence and negotiate the definitive agreements. In this course you will learn what is required to close. 

This course introduces the Stock Purchase Agreement (SPA). A stock purchase agreement is the primary transaction document for a stock acquisition. In most control private equity transactions this is the document that will require the most negotiation.