Why Accounting is (NOT) Boring

Thomas Ittelson’s creatively titled booked Financial Statements brilliantly and concisely explains why the language of accounting is not at all boring on the very first page of his book:

But why is it all so boring, you as? Well, it’s only boring if you do not understand it. Yes, the day-to-day repetitive accounting tasks are boring. However, how to finance and extract cash from the actions of the enterprise is not boring at all. It is the essence of business and the generation of wealth.

Not boring at all.

In his introduction he then cites a quote from Gordon B. Baty: “If you don’t speak the language of accounting or feel intuitively comfortable with the accounting model, you will be at a severe disadvantage in the business world. Accounting is a fundamental tool of the trade.”

Source: Thomas Ittelson | Financial Statements | P. 1 | 04/01/2021 | Visit