The most profitable private equity investment in real estate ever (through May of 2018).

Blackstone earned more than $14 billion on its 2007 investment in Hilton Worldwide Holdings, Inc. The transaction took place just before the Great Recession, making the rebound in performance all the more remarkable. Per the article:

The hotel chain said Friday that Blackstone would sell 15.8 million of its shares in privately negotiated transactions. Hilton also said it agreed to buy back another 1.25 million shares from Blackstone. The sale marks the end of an era for a 2007 investment that has earned the private-equity firm more than $14 billion in profits, or over three times its money.

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Source: Miriam Gottfried | "Blackstone to Check Out of Hilton Investment" | The Wall Street Journal | 05/18/2018 | Visit