Sourcing Private Equity Transactions is Getting Harder 2016

Private equity professionals are increasingly pointing to sourcing challenges as a new obstacle in identifying attractive opportunities.

“When data research firm Preqin surveyed buyout fund managers in late 2016, 36% of respondents said that it’s more difficult to find attractive investment opportunities compared with a year earlier, and just 2% said it’s easier. Like the latter stages of a gold rush, investors have to get smarter about where and how to dig.”

For every 100 investment opportunities that make it into the pipeline, generally only 1 or 2 of these result in a transaction.

private equity sourcing
Source: By Hugh MacArthur, Graham Elton, Daniel Haas and S | "A Two-Pronged Approach To Sourcing More Private Equity Deals" | Forbes | 03/31/2017 | Visit