New PE Firm Arctos Bets on Sports

Arctos Sports Partners launched in April of 2020, and his since raised $3 billion dedicated to investments in the professional sports industry and sports franchise owners. Per an article in the Financial Times, Arctos is now the most prolific buyer of sports stakes around the world.

Through direct and indirect investments, it now owns stakes in 16 franchises including professional baseball’s Boston Red Sox, English football’s Liverpool FC, basketball’s Golden State Warriors, and the Kings.

As an example, the article cites Shaquille O’Neal’s immediate need to sell his minority interest in the Sacramento Kings. An endorsement deal with a sports betting company raised a red flag, and he was told that the NBA prohibits team owners from accepting gambling sponsorships.

That meant he would need to liquidate his minority interest in the Sacramento Kings. Instead of tapping his network of all-star friends to buy the stake, he struck a deal with Arctos Sports Partners, a relatively new private equity firm specialising in professional sports team investments.

Click on the link below for a fascinating article describing how the founders of Arctos uncovered this investing niche.

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Source: Sara Germano and Arash Massoudi | "Why private equity newbie Arctos is making prolific bets on sport" | Financial Times | 01/06/2022 | Visit