Letter from President of Cruise Line

The WSJ published a letter written by the President of Holland America Line explaining the steps the company is taking to safeguard the passengers and employees stuck on their cruise ships.

“They are among the 9,000-plus passengers still remaining on about a dozen cruise ships world-wide.” 

Unfortunately as news of the virus spread local governments moved to expeditiously close ports around the world, creating what Mr. Ashford describes as a “not my problem” response. Sadly it sounds as if the situation is only growing more dire:

“Already four guests have died. The causes of death haven’t been confirmed, as we don’t do autopsies on our ships. But I fear other lives are at risk. … There are also 1,167 healthy guests and 1,130 healthy crew across these two ships.”

Click on the link below for the full letter.

Source: Orlando Ashford | "Lost at Sea in a Pandemic" | The Wall Street Journal | 03/31/2020 | Visit