Length of PowerPoint Presentations Clue to Performance

They say that you learn more when things don’t go your way. It follows that you might have to explain less when they do. Barron’s recently did a study of the length of the PowerPoint presentations released by companies in the Russel 1000 index that supports this claim:

“Our conclusion: The longer the slide deck, the lousier the performance. The worst performers’ earnings presentations are, on average, 12 pages longer than those of the best. The top six stocks by sector effectively marry performance to brevity: Steel Dynamics , Burlington Stores , Netflix , Nvidia , Abiomed , and XPO Logistics. The group returned 48% a year for five years.”

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Source: Elias Stein | "A Brief Lesson in PowerPoints and Performance" | Barron's | 11/16/2018 | Visit