Laptops Disappear from Store Shelves

The immediate increase in work-from-home activity as the coronavirus became a global pandemic caused a massive spike in laptop sales. Per an article in the WSJ, anything that facilitates working remotely, including laptops, keyboards, video cables, computer monitors and small TVs were either nearly sold out or completely gone at a Best Buy in Chicago. Online marketplace HUBX claims that “business has gone through the roof,” with computer and mobile phone sales volumes having doubled over the prior year.

Overall it does not appear to be a trend that will have a significant impact on hardware manufacturers bottom line. “The supply hitches mean that the current surge in demand for laptops may well not translate into a boon for PC makers.”

Click on the link below for commentary on how Apple, Dell, HP and Lenovo Group are responding.

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Source: Sarah E. Needleman and Aaron Tilley | "Store Shelves Stripped of Laptops as Coronavirus Increases Working From Home" | The Wall Street Journal | 03/18/2020 | Visit