J. Crew Avoids Bankruptcy Due to Cov-Lite Loan

An article in the WSJ describes how J. Crew managed to avoid bankruptcy by taking advantage of covenant-lite loan documents:

“J. Crew, and the private-equity firms that control the company, used provisions in its loan documents that govern so-called permitted investments. The company transferred the intellectual property behind its brand name into a newly created affiliate, where the term-loan holders have no claim. The affiliate then issued new debt to its junior bondholders in a swap. The provision is in many other corporate loans and bonds, especially those of companies owned by private-equity firms.”

This maneuver will reduce recoveries on the term loan to 41 cents on the dollar.

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Source: Soma Biswas | "Deal to Save J.Crew From Bankruptcy Angers High-Yield Debt Investors" | The Wall Street Journal | 09/21/2017 | Visit