Isolation Boosts Sales of Condoms and Sex Toys

An article in the Financial Times states that businesses in the adult novelty space are seeing revenues grow at unprecedented levels. The article did not provide statistics for the industry in aggregate, but anecdotal accounts suggest large revenue increases:

  • Ritex, a manufacturer of condoms in Germany, reported that sales have doubled over the prior year.
  •, an online retailer in Germany, reported a “300% increase in sales aids for men and women in the southern state of Bavaria, and a 3,000% increase in demand for fantasy nurse costumes.” Jumbo packs of condoms containing 100 units each jumped 500%.

Even with this incredible growth supply may not be matching demand. The article claims that retailers are struggling to maintain adequate inventory. Click on the link below for more examples.

Source: Guy Chazan | "Condoms and sex toys in demand from social isolators" | The Financial Times | 04/02/2020 | Visit