How Toddlers Learn to Walk

A recent article in the WSJ provided a new perspective on the difficulty experienced learning by exposing some fascinating details on a most universal challenge; learning how to walk.

  • The average toddler (12 to 19 months old) takes 2,400 steps per hour. This is the equivalent of traveling 8 football fields.
  • The novice walker will fall approximately 30 times each hour.
  • In total a toddler takes 14,000 steps each day.

This failure rate would likely be catastrophic for the average adult beginner, but toddlers are relentless learning machines. “Infants spend roughly a third of their day for six solid months practicing walking (and don’t truly perfect it until several years later).” Per the article, a toddler will take 2.6 million steps before the become proficient.

If you want to learn something new, get comfortable with failure and press on.

Source: Tom Vanderbilt | "For New Year’s Resolutions, Never Think You’re Too Old to Become a Beginner" | The Wall Street Journal | 12/31/2020 | Visit