E-sports tournaments quickly going mobile and making money.

Skillz, the leading platform in mobile e-sports, is experiencing terrific growth that suggests phones will play a significant role in the growth of this nascent and growing industry:

“Now that phone hardware is good enough to run more complex games, even hard-core players are shifting their attention to phones. Six-year-old Skillz, the mobile esports leader, says it hosts more than 1 million tournaments a day and has doubled its monthly revenue, to $16 million, in the last nine months, putting it on pace to blow past $200 million in the next year.”

The article cites interesting facts about the demographics of this user base and shares some additional economics. The top player on the Skillz platform, for example, took home $421,000 in 2017. Click the link below for more.

Source: Eben Novy-Williams | "Video Game Tournaments on Your Phone Are Worth Rea" | Bloomberg Businessweek | 04/12/2018 | Visit