How to Use This Website (ASM) was created to make financial modeling instruction simple and affordable. There’s plenty of free content available, and premium content and the quizzing dashboard can be accessed for $3 per month.

Most ASM visitors prefer to get started with the model video series. For those new to finance, we advise working through this content in the sequence that follows:

  1. Excel for Models (Only if you are new to Microsoft Excel)
  2. Introduction to Financial Statements
  3. Integrating Financial Statements
  4. Discounted Cash flow Model
  5. Leveraged Buyout Model

The next article, ASM Core Curriculum Overview, explains why these topics were selected. For quicker access to these video series, please use the “Models” drop down menu in the website’s nav bar.

Once you select a topic, you will navigate to a page containing the video series. Ideally, the videos listed would be viewed in proper succession from top to bottom. Selecting a video will open the video player:

Video Player: Below you will find a screen shot of the video player with some additional notes (in red hand-written text to stand out). Please refer to the image when you are reviewing the bulleted list that follows.

  1. FULLSCREEN: Because so much of the video content on this website if focused on Microsoft Excel, the “View Full Screen” option can be very helpful.
  2. QUIZ: If a video has an associated quiz, this link will appear just above the video player. Clicking the link will take you to the quizzing dashboard (before taking the quiz, be sure to enable cookies in your browser of choice).
  3. NEXT VIDEO: To eliminate the need to navigate back and forth, use the “Next Video” link to continue moving forward in the series.
  4. DOWNLOADS: If a video has associated files available for download, they will appear just beneath the video player on the left-hand side.
  5. CHAPTERS: These videos are recorded as references to be viewed multiple times. To make it easier to revisit a specific topic within a longer video, we have included a chapter selection option just beneath the video player on the right-hand side.

See image:

There is also a note exclaiming “Shortcut Reminders!” in the center of the image. The reason is that I do not believe too much time should be spent attempting to master Excel before diving into the models. The video series titled Excel for Models is designed to get a novice up to speed on the bare minimum requirements as quickly as possible. The videos that follow continue to emphasize what is learned in this series and add to it as new functions and formulas become relevant.

Quizzing Dashboard: Attention! Before accessing any of the quizzes, please enable cookies in your internet browser. The Quizzing Dashboard has two types of tests:

  1. Quizzes: The top half of the quizzing dashboard shows all quizzes available by category. Each quiz permits unlimited attempts and will provide correct answers for any mistakes made. The objective is to encourage frequently testing your knowledge.
  2. Final Exams: The Final Exams can be found at the bottom of the quizzing dashboard. These exams are longer than the quizzes and permit only one attempt per month. The objective is to encourage preparation.

ASM Subscriber Profiles (see image below): Subscribers can upload examples of their own work and share (or hide) exam results with a public page listing their accomplishments and interests. In addition to uploading unique templates or analysis, we are also encouraging subscribers to upload improvements to ASM templates available on the website. Each time a subscriber uploads an example of their own work, ASM will create a unique page for that post linking back to the subscriber’s profile. Ultimately we hope that this will help subscribers get noticed for their talent. The profile page will also track how often a subscriber’s work is downloaded and voted as helpful.

Click on image for larger view.

The “Test Scores” featured on the profile reflect the outcome of the three final exams available on the Quizzing Dashboard; they do not reflect any of the quiz scores (note: the final exams can be found at the bottom of the Quizzing Dashboard). Test scores will only appear on your dashboard once you attempt the final exams. For example, in the image above you will see that only one score is listed for the “Integrating Financial Statements” exam. Scores for the “Discounted Cash Flow Model” and “Leveraged Buyout Model” exams will not appear until the first attempt. Finally, if you are not pleased with your scores you can select the toggle labeled “Make ASM Tests Public” to hide the result. When this toggle is turned off your profile will appear as though the exams have never been attempted.

Each profile has a public LINK to facilitate sharing as well.