A New Approach to Financial Literacy

ASM uses financial models to provide simple visuals that make accounting
and finance topics easy to grasp.

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The free content available on ASM has been compared to the equivalent of a summer internship at a bulge-bracket investment bank.

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Students across the globe use ASM. To encourage on-campus use, we also make the platform free for Professors that intend to use it in a classroom setting.

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How ASM Works:

ASimpleModel uses video-driven instruction with financial templates and notes available for download to teach financial modeling in a simple and effective way. We start with an introduction to financial statements in the context of a financial model, and then proceed to an integrated model with a five-year projection, a discounted cash flow model and leveraged buyout model.

If you’re reading this you already know, this website is way nerdy.

Step-by-Step Instruction

Video-driven instruction breaks the material down into simple steps with visuals that are easy to follow. The learning process starts with financial statements and basic models that permit viewing the entire process on the same screen. With this visual in mind, scaling to larger models is easier.

Keep it Simple

We teach the vocabulary required without using it to confuse students. In most real-world scenarios, the math and relationships in a financial model are simple. As they should be.

Quizzing Platform

Retrieving knowledge from memory is essential to the learning process. ASM highlights areas of weakness with quizzes that encourage you to revisit the appropriate material. Repeating this process accelerates the learning curve.

How to Use This Website

Some simple instruction for a simple website.

“Love your site, we are using it in our spreadsheet-based business
models class with my MBA program.”

Michael Flatt, MBA Candidate 2016, USC Marshall School of Business

ASM Coursework / Select & Go

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ASM recommends getting started with the Introduction to Financial Statements, and then progressing to Integrating Financial Statements. Build a strong foundation with these two series before moving on to more advanced content.

Introduction to Financial Statements

This series introduces the three primary financial statements with clear visuals in the context of building a financial model. Even if you have had some exposure to financial statements previously, this is a good place to start.

6 Video Series & ASM+ Enabled Start

Integrating Financial Statements

As it relates to financial modeling, a thorough understanding of how the financial statements are integrated is possibly the most important thing you can learn. This series will take you through this process using multiple examples and exercises.

13 Video Series & ASM+ Enabled Start

Discounted Cash Flow Model

Building a DCF model introduces some of the most critical aspects of finance. Even if you do not intend to follow a career path that requires this skill set, the lessons learned will prove valuable in any aspect of your life where time and money are important.

6 Video Series & ASM+ Enabled Start

Leveraged Buyout Model

The LBO model is often viewed as extraordinarily complex. This video series breaks it down to demonstrate that an LBO model is little more than an integrated financial statement model with some adjustments made the balance sheet.

11 Video Series & ASM+ Enabled Start

Business Development

This series is a live entrepreneurial experiment showcasing the business model behind ASimpleModel.com. We will publish results until the website turns cash flow positive.

11 Video Series & ASM+ Enabled Start

Excel For Models

For the Excel novice. This video series attempts to get a new Excel user up to speed as quickly as possible. The content is littered with Peter Lynch’s favorite Excel tricks.

11 Video Series & ASM+ Enabled Start

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