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It’s Science... Testing Makes You Smarter

Retrieving knowledge from memory is critical to the science of successful learning. ASM+ integrates quizzes that challenge students to retrieve knowledge outside of the high-stakes environment associated with standardized testing. This delivers the benefits of testing without the stress of a make-or-break outcome.

Free for Universities

If you are a professor or teaching assistant, we will provide this platform free of charge for use as a classroom aid. Scroll down to contact ASM and learn more.

Simple, Affordable and Easy to Cancel

Access to premium content and the quizzing platform is (crazy) affordable and easy to cancel. Seriously, we should make it harder.

How ASM+ Works:

ASimpleModel uses video-driven instruction with financial templates and notes available for download to teach financial modeling in a simple and effective way. We start with an introduction to financial statements in the context of a financial model, and then proceed to an integrated model with a five-year projection, a discounted cash flow model and leveraged buyout model.

If you’re reading this you already know, this website is way nerdy.

Step-by-Step Instruction

Video-driven instruction breaks the material down into simple steps with visuals that are easy to follow. The learning process starts with financial statements and basic models that permit viewing the entire process on the same screen. With this visual in mind, scaling to larger models is easier.

Keep it Simple

We teach the vocabulary required without using it to confuse students. In most real-world scenarios, the math and relationships in a financial model are simple. As they should be.

Quizzing Platform

Retrieving knowledge from memory is essential to the learning process. ASM highlights areas of weakness with quizzes that encourage you to revisit the appropriate material. Repeating this process accelerates the learning curve.

ASM+ Pricing

ASM+Pricing Strategy

We want to prove that the market for a financial modeling education extends beyond Wall Street, and we price ASM accordingly. Signing up helps ASM generate content and develop greater technology.

Annual Subscription

$33 / year

Finance 101: More cash sooner gives ASM a leg up.



$3 / month

Cost should not inhibit learning.

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ASM will provide free access for your class. Click below to, como se dice, learn more.

ASM+ for Colleges & Universities

Companion Coursework for Your Classes

1. How to Sign Up

Professors or teaching assistants should reach out to ASM through the contact button below to gain access to the ASM+ platform. We require nothing more than an email address and link to a university bio to establish a free “Professor Account.”

2. What Your Class

Students will gain access to premium content and a personalized quizzing dashboard.

3. Report Scores

Professors will have access to a dashboard that displays student progress on the quizzing platform. They can check a student’s progress individually, or download all scores for the entire class.

4. Course Companion

ASM+ has been used as a prerequisite for a class, as a supplement to coursework throughout the semester and even as a final exam. Whatever your need we encourage you to test the platform.

ASM is committed to building a better online educational experience.
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feedback to focus future development efforts. By committing to use the product in a
classroom setting you help us build a superior financial modeling resource.

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Why is financial literacy important?

Financial modeling does not take place exclusively in Excel. It is a unique skill that hones the ability to make complex financial matters simple by identifying what is actually important.

The skill set can help you visualize the variables that create or consume cash in a company, or help you decide between investment opportunities. You may never build a discounted cash flow model in your life, but understanding how money loses value over time will help you create value in the long run.